Summary & Purpose

Hi, my name is Nathan Benton. I am currently a Data Engineer at Sourcewater, Inc. Previously, I worked as a teacher, both a part- and full-time Seismic Geophysicist and Data Engineer at ARM Geophysics (a branch of ARM Group) as well as consultant for processing automation and near-surface geophysical imaging projects.  This site presents some information about myself, services, past/current research, links to code repositories, as well as my interests and expertise as they relate to what I  continue to learn about and apply as a student and working professional.

Now, as for the meaning of the supplemental title, that's as far as I get everytime I combine geophysics and data engineering - enjoy.

Academic & Professional Background

I attended Baylor University (Waco, TX) and earned a Bachelor of Science, which included both a major in geophysics and a mathematics minor. Thereafter, I earned a  Master of Science in Geology with a specialization in near-surface seismic reflection data processing and inversion from Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA)  - in case you are interested, the title of my thesis is located here. I say title because you can't access or download the document until March, 21, 2025. To mitigate this potential problem, I've uploaded a link to the document below. 

After completing graduate school, I began employment at ARM Geophysics and continued working there until transitioning to a brief teaching position Rice University on behalf of Trilogy Education. Employment at Sourcewater, Inc followed the completion of my teaching duties and continues today. Also, I provide private consulting for projects purposed for imaging and/or quantitatively characterizing near-surface environments via remote geophysical sensing techniques - particularly those that apply seismic and/or electrical resistivity (ER) methods.

Note that much of the following content here links to similar information on other sites. Whether you are navigating to my LinkedIn, GitHub, or StackExchange account, you'll locate easy-to-find material that binds everything together in a congruent, user-friendly manner.

Interests, Expertise, & Services

I specialize in retrieving, processing, and visualizing complex data sets. I do this with an efficient and data-driven workflow that is both scalable and reproducible.

1) Data engineering & analytics

2) Database ETL & EDA (mining/cleaning)

3) Analyzing/using computer vision & satellite imagery

4) Web-scraping & proxy implementations

5) AWS (EC2, PostgreSQL RDS, & S3)

6) IoT (Raspberry Pi Systems)

7) Near-surface seismic reflection data acquisition & processing (SH/SV- & P-wave)

8) Post-stack seismic inversion methods & AVO analysis

9) Well-log (EC, gamma, sonic, & shear) analysis

10) Rock physics

11) 2/3-D ER surveying & inversion

11) MASW for Rayleigh-, Love-, Lamb-, & Scholte-waves

*Most of these tasks are conducted via Python, MATLAB, BASH, PostgreSQL, and/or R on various operating systems


Please feel free to contact me at any time via the info listed below.

<=The Train_Track Project=>

There's quite a lot that someone can do with seismic geophysical methods - see what this one is all about.

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For a couple years, I've posted questions (and answered questions) covering topics such as seismic concepts and data processing/post-processing techniques as  well as computer science and statistics. You can view these questions (with useful corresponding answers) here:


Graduate Thesis (pdf)


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